Nemberala beach is located about 25 km from Ba’a, capital city of Rote Ndao Regency. According to Lonely Planet, Nemberala beach is a surfer’s secret for many years, is a relaxed little coastal village with white sandy beaches and good waves between April and July, earning it the moniker T-Land.

tsh_4750A long coral reef runs right along the main beach, with snorkelling possibilities. this place is the home not only for Australian surfer but also various foreign tourist from Europe and States. Last September 2016, Nemberala Beach won Gold Medal for number one surfing spot in Indonesia of Anugerah Pariwisata Indonesia (API).

Nemberalla region until Bo’a has been equipped with awide range of accomodation facilities. personal or commercial villa lined up neatly along the coast. likewise with hotels, budget hotels to star class hotels and villas in Nemberala is ready to pamper you. You will get breakfast, luch, and dinner complete. Some places added bonus of fresh  fruits as dessert. For those of you who will live long enough, make use of the privilege of hotels in Nemberala which allows you to bid the price down to reach agreement.

When traveled to nemberala, you do not have to bother with surfboards, fishing gear or diving equipment because there are many places that rent these tools. Do not worry for an internet connection to instantly share your photos or videos to social media, some hotels and bars provides WiFi area.

The atmosphere in Nemberala very quiet and away from the hustle bustle of the tourist attractions like in other areas. Rural atmosphere and local culture is still very pronounced here.

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