leliAround 8 km from capital city of Ba’a, there are two  big rocks  in the area of Leli beach named Batu Suelai and the other big rock is Batu Hun around the water.

When the boats out of port Bolok Kupang, passing strait Pukuafu, the first seen towering stone is stone Termanu namely ‘Batu Hun” and around the waters of Batu Hun, is a spot for diving and fishing, you also can found  beautiful pearl coral reefs where the groupers are dwelling.  The other things you can do in Leli beach is climbing the Batu Suelai and enjoying the view of Ba’a and the ocean.

Based on the legend of the Rotenese, it is the stone of fortune. om the top of Suelai stone was a place to worship god of local people in Central Rote. They still believe that the stone first sailed around Rote island and when it arrived in Central Rote District, it stopped there and then a traditional ceremony was held by the local to welcome it with joy.

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