Most travellers arrive from Kupang via Denpassar and Surabaya on daily flights with a number of airlines. Lion air is usually the cheapest but surfboards incur an overweight baggage fee at a “per kilo” rate. Garuda flights generally cost more. Prices vary between airlines and dates, with cost ranging from 800,000RP to 2,400,000RP. Then you can take The Lion/Wings Air flight Kupang to Rote island at 15.10 and arrive in Rote around 15.40. The price for a one way ticket is between 167,000 to. 475,000 Rp, there is an extra charge of 200.000 Rp per surfboard. If you stay the night in Kupang you can take a taxi from the airport to the Kupang city cost around RP 80,000, and most travellers who take the fast ferry face at least one night in Kupang while waiting for a morning ferry service.